Here's Why Our Easy Lasting Power of Attorney Service Is So Popular

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No long forms for you to fill in

No one likes filling in forms! And we’re pretty sure you’re not the exception. So, our solicitors will complete every form for you so you won't have to (up to 5 forms may be needed).

No guidance notes to confuse you

How many times have you heard someone say “Read the instructions”? With LPAs there are 63 pages of instructions that you definitely won’t have to read.

All done from the comfort of your home

Attending a solicitor’s office can be both intimidating and inconvenient. However, our solicitors can advise you and take care of your needs all by phone.

Your LPA drafted by specialist solicitors

Unlike others, you can ask as many questions as you wish - until you are absolutely satisfied. An LPA is often a once in a lifetime and that’s why we make sure you get specialist help that cares.

Special savings and even more for our WillPlus customers

If you choose to make both types of LPA then we will prepare your second LPA for half our usual fee. For couples, we also offer 50% saving for the second person when both are making the same LPA(s). Ask for details - without obligation.

WillPlus Customer Savings: If you previously made your Will with us and purchased our WillPlus service (giving a safe place to store your Will and free Will updates for life) then further savings will also apply.

Help you avoid costly registration errors

There’s a £82 government fee for submitting your application to register each of your LPAs, correctly or incorrectly! With our experienced help and colour coded forms showing who should sign and where you’ll avoid mistakes and only pay the fee once.

Why you need a Lasting Power of Attorney now!

And why you can't afford to put it off any longer

Avoid frustration, expense or delay later

If you lose your mental capacity sometime in the future – for whatever reason – if you haven’t completed a Lasting Power of Attorney, other family members or your carers may need to apply to the Court of Protection in order to be able to make any decision on your behalf. This can be very costly and time consuming - as well as frustrating and stressful for your relatives, friends or carers.

There are two types of LPA

If you live in England or Wales a properly registered Lasting Power of Attorney lets the people you choose make decisions on your behalf. However, there are two different types of LPAs which are:

Property and financial affairs

This LPA covers your money and property. You don't have to own your own home or have a lot of money to make this type of LPA. It can be used on your behalf, with your consent, as soon as it's registered (this is usually what we suggest). However, you can state that it will only be used if you don't have mental capacity.

Health and welfare

This LPA covers your personal and health care. This type of LPA can only be used if you don't have the mental capacity to make decisions yourself.

You can use it to let your attorneys decide about your daily routine, such as what you wear and eat, moving into a care home or getting help from social services. You can also give your attorneys the power to refuse or agree to any medical treatment you may need to stay alive, if ever you are unable to make that decision. If your attorneys don't have that power, doctors would decide.

Some people make one type of LPA, while others make both. Please note, however, that should you make both then a separate £82 registration fee is payable for each.

You choose who will manage your affairs (your attorney)

The person you appoint to make decisions on your behalf is called an attorney. You can choose a friend, relative or a professional person, for example a solicitor. You can appoint more than one person if you want to and, if you do, you can decide how they will work together.

Let us draw one up for you now so that someone you have chosen can immediately manage your affairs for you.

The easy process to getting your Lasting Power of Attorney


After you have decided to make your Lasting Power of Attorney we will agree a suitable time and date for when we should call you.

During the friendly call we will explain things as much as you require, chat with you about your needs and wishes and then answer any questions you may have.


Within a few days you will receive from the solicitor your completed Lasting Power of Attorney forms.

The forms will contain your personal details, names of your chosen attorney(s), any restrictions chosen by you on what they can or cannot do - and details of who you also wish to be informed about your Lasting Power of Attorney.


You must then sign, date and have witnessed your Lasting Power of Attorney forms


Then you must seek someone else to sign to confirm that they believe you understand the significance of your Lasting Power of Attorney.

This could be a professional or someone who has known you for more than 2 years (e.g. a friend or neighbour). They must be over 18 and must not be your attorney, family member or business partner.

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